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Helpful Number

In towns and cities, IDD service is provided at all hotels and post offices. Phone cards are available in post offices inside hotels or in the streets. Even more conveniently, most newsstands in major cities also carry phone cards. Telephone booths in the streets are mostly for local calls.

How to make phone calls in MYANMAR?

When making international calls with landline or cell phone by yourself, first you must dial "00" (International prefix), then dial the country code, then the area code and local number.
When making domestic long distance calls with landline or cell phone (to landline) in MYANMAR, you should first dial the area code starting with 0, then the local number. When making domestic long distance calls with landline (to cell phone ) in MYANMAR, you first should dial 09, then the cell phone number.
When calling a MYANMAR landline out MYANMAR, you must first dial the international prefix number, for example in US you dial 011, and then dial 95 the country code for MYANMAR, then the area code and local number. When calling a MYANMAR mobile number, you first need dial the international prefix number, and then dial 95-9, then the mobile number.

Nay Pyi Taw
Police 95-67 - 414224
Fire 95-67 - 420005
Hospital 95-67 - 420096
Railway station 95-67 - 22508
Airport 95-67 - 35104

Police 199,95-1-549309
Police(Tourist Safety Unit) 95-1-376166, 642742,549209
Fire(Emergency) 191,95-1-252011
Yangon General Hospital 95-1-256112, 256123
Ambulance(YGH) 192,95-1-295133
Tourist Information 95-1-371910, 374281
Airport(Yangon) 95-1-662811
Customs 95-1-253046, 285607
General Post Office 95-1-285499, 295359
Highway Bus Station 95-1-640469
Railway(Enquiry) 95-1-201555, 272176
Road Transport 95-1-640469, 252573
Inland Water Transport 95-1-250253, 289379
Shipping(Coastal Vessels) 95-1-283122
Immigration 95-1-249216

Pyin Oo Lwin
Police 95-85-22037
Fire 95-85-22323
Hospital 95-85-22720,22525 Railway Station 95-85 - 22021
Post Office 95-85 - 22112

Kyaing Tong
Police 95-84-21504
Hospital 95-84-21511
Post Office 95-84-21506
Airport 95-84-21433
Myanma Airways 95-84-21162
Fire Station 95-84-21504

Nyaung Shwe
Police 95-81 - 29001
Post Office 95-81 - 29002
Myanmar Travels &Tours 95-81 - 29058

Police 95-43-21017,21048
Hospital 95-43-23511
Post Office 95-43-23479
Airport 95-43-23455

Police 199,95-2-36871, 36974
Fire 191,95-2-21091
Hospital 95-2-39001~5
Airport(Mandalay) 95-2-87540,87404 Railway Station 95-2-35069, 35140
Post Office 95-2-21761, 21520
Road Transport&Bus Line 95-2-63169

Police 95-2-67243
Fire 95-2-60191
Hospital 95-2-67219, 67220
Airport 95-2-67199
Railway Station 95-2-67588
Post Office 95-2-67009, 67347
Myanmar Travels &Tours 95-2-67418

Police Fire 95-81-21009, 21502
Hospital 95-81-21511
Post Office 95-81-21575
Heho Airport 95-81-29705
Myanma Airways 95-81-21565
Yangon Airways 95-81-23995
Air Mandalay 95-81-21330
Air Bagan 95-81-24737
Myanmar Travels &Tours 95-81-21611

Useful & Important Telephone Numbers (Yangon - 01)

Subscriber Trunk Dialing Service Is Available For Subscriber In The Following Town

Emergency 191
Central Fire Station 252011, 252022
Emergency 192
Yangon General Hospital 256112~115, 384493
Red Cross 383684
Traffic Police Ambulance 500005
Emergency 199
Central Police Office 549309, 549963 (Ext. 355)
Yangon Division Police 254437, 245455
Traffic Control Branch 640668, 298651
Emergency 215666, 215146
Electricity Supply Board 229144, 215041
Yangon Int’l Airport 533094,533095
Yangon Railway Station 202175
Enquiry 222472~75
Telecom Service Centre (MPT) 106


Ahlone 220802 
Bayint Naung 681648
Dagon Myothit (North) 584060
Dagon Myothit (South) 590071
Hlaing Thayar 707550, 645017
Hlegu 629020
Hmawbi 620030
Htauntkyant 600178
Insein 640070, 640987
Kyauktada 252011, 252022
Kyeemyindaing 534825
Mayangone 661501
North Okkalapa 699149, 699378
Sanchaung 527099, 536689
Shwe Paukkan 699151
Shwe Pyi Thar 611014
Si Bin 667281
South Okkalapa 562655, 577041
Tamwe 554893, 554841, 554778
Thaketa 56834, 547040
Thingan Kyun 562677
Waibargi 699149


Htain Pin 247777, 685177
Yay Way 701123


Ahlon / Sanchaung 220980, 212512
Bahan / Dagon 558317, 544589
Botahtaung 291779
Dagon Myothit (North) 584080, 584112
Dagon Myothit (South) 590180, 590209
Dala 296191
Hlaing 513581
Hlaing Thayar 684735, 685324, 244107
Hlegu 629010
Hmawbi 620037
Htauntkyant 600030
Insein / Mingalardon 640217, 640347
Kamayut / Kyeemyindaing 513584
Kungyankone 247540
Kyauktada / Pabedan 252368
Kyauktan (056) 25501, 25505
Lanmadaw / Latha 222466, 225708
Lat-khok-kone 247538
Mayangone 665011, 665012
Mingala Taung Nyunt 381876
North Okkalapa 699359, 699473
Pazundaung 292575
Shwe-pauk-kan 695515
Shwe Pyi Thar 635124
South Okkalapa 578416, 578420
Tamwe 544590, 544585
Thaketa / Dawbon 547034, 710093
Thingan Kyun 560738
Yankin 560910

Traveller Tips


Visitors must have a valid passport with an EVT [Entry Visa for Tourist: Package visa and FIT visa] to enter Myanmar. EVT can be obtained at any Myanmar Embassy / Consulate offices with validity for 28 days. Visa-on-Arrival can be arranged for those countries where Myanmar Embassy / Consulate office does not exist.


Pre-Arranged Visa on Arrival
(Only for those who live in the countries where no Myanmar Embassy Exits)

Travelers who request Pre-Arranged Visa on Arrival would follow below practice.

• The Service is only for travelers who buy package tour. (Not for FIT)
• Travelers must stay and visit as per purchased package tour. Not allowed any furthermore activities.
• Stay extension is not permitted.

Visa On Arrival

For a pre-arranged visa on arrival, please provide us the below documents;
1. Full names in your passport
2. Passport No.
3. Father’s Name
4. Date of Birth & Place of Birth
5. Place of Issuance / Expiry date,
6. Nationality & Sex
7. Date of arrival & Flight in/out no.
8. Current Address
9. Occupation
10. Vision of visit to Myanmar
11. Religion
12. Photo copy send by email to be required


The currency in Myanmar is called Kyat (pronounced 'chat'). As in many countries of the area the US Dollar is the most useful currency to carry and it can be exchanged into local currency.

However Traveler’s Cheque and International credit cards are not widely used. Traveler’s cheques can currently NOT be used or exchanged in Myanmar. It is absolutely necessary to bring enough cash in USD or EURO. Other foreign currencies are difficult to change. There is not anymore required to change 200 US Dollars into 200 FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificates) upon arrival at the airport.


No vaccination certificate is required unless coming from the infected area.


Myanmar uses 220-250V, 50Hz. power-cuts are quite common but most hotels have their own generator.


Myanmar lies between two great civilizations, India and China, but it has developed its own distinctive culture. Buddhism has a great influence in the daily lives of the Myanmar people. The people have preserved the traditions of close family ties, respect for elders and simple native dress. While tolerance and contentment are the characteristics of the people, Myanmar hospitality is legendary.

Myanmar is a country deeply respectful of their religious and cultural traditions. Visitors will not cause offense if they note a few things:

Remove shoes and socks before entering religious buildings and compounds. Some monasteries allow food-wear in the compound but not inside the buildings, starting with lowest step! Better make sure first. It is also polite to remove shoes before entering a private home but socks may be left on.

When handing someone money or a gift use the right hand or both hands with the exception of paying the bill in a teashop or restaurant. Then it is a more casual transaction.


Everyone in Myanmar has their independent right in religion. Theravada Buddhism is the predominant religion with over 80% of the population professing it. There are also Christians, Muslims and Hindus.


Visitors are required to dress decently on the precincts of religious buildings. Ladies should not wear shorts, briefs or bra-less T-shirt on Shwedagon Pagoda. Shoes and socks or stockings must be removed at Pagodas and Monasteries.


All foreign currencies in excess of US$-2,000, Traveler’s Cheque and jewelry, cameras and electronic goods etc, must be recorded on the customs form which may be checked on departure.


You cannot post parcels home, although some shops will do the shipping for you. Ask first before you buy anything bulky. You cannot take back antiques. Better to avoid buying old-looking Buddha images even if they were made a week ago, as the Custom Officers may not allow its export. Buy jewellery only from authorized dealers and be sure to get a receipt which much be shown at Customs checkpoint at the airport.


Mosquito repellent and sunscreen are highly recommended, especially when travelling to remote areas in conjunction with other measure to prevent mosquito bites. There are no compulsory vaccinations for travel to Myanmar (Burma) but it is advisable to take precautions against malaria. Don’t forget to bring medication you would normally use in emergencies, such as antibiotics etc. Most medicines are available but maybe not the brand you normally use.

Try to avoid going out in the midday sun when it’s very hot. Drink only pre-boiled water such as green tea or bottled water of reputable brands. Better to avoid ice cubes in the streets stalls.

Avoid eating shellfish in hot weather, if you are not actually on the beach.


Basic Myanmar food is mainly rice and curry. Myanmar curries tend to be less spicy than those served in Thailand. Meals & drinks at International Hotels are considerably expensive. Myanmar is also a country of seafood. Crabs, prawns, lobsters and other shellfish are maong the popular dishes avaliable at the most Myanmar and Chinese restaurants in Yangon and other tourist destination.

There are many good local restaurants with almost the same quality of food and hygiene as hotels but at reasonable prices. They serve various dishes of Myanmar, Chinese, European (French and Italian), Thai and Indian cuisine. But roadside small restaurants are not recommended, as it can be risky for health.

There are also a wide variety of local snacks and delicacies. Mouk-hin-kha (thin rice noodles served with fish gravy and onion soup) and Ohn-noh-khauk-swe (noodles served with chicken and coconut gravy) are the most popular in Myanmar. Shan food is another delicacy. Shan style of cooking neither belongs to Myanmar nor Chinese nor Thai cuisine but they taste really good in their own way.

Restaurants and food served towards the travelers are carefully selected for hygiene as well as gastronomic considerations.

Myanmar has a variety of vegetables and fruits, both tropical citrus all year round or seasonally. The most common ones are mango, banana, durian, jackfruit, avocado, grapefruits, grapes, mangosteen, papaya, pomelo, pineapple, watermelon, orange and Washinton navel.


Schedules of Market Day

in Southern Shan State Tourist Zone (2015)


01 A B E A A B B C D D E E
02 B C A B B C C D E E A A
03 C D B C C D D E A A B B
04 D E C D D E E A B B C C
05 E A D E E A A B C C D D
06 A B E A A B B C D D E E
07 B C A B B C C D E E A A
08 C D B C C D D E A A B B
09 D E C D D E E A B B C C
10 E A D E E A A B C C D D
11 A B E A A B B C D D E E
12 B C A B B C C D E E A A
13 C D B C C D D E A A B B
14 D E C D D E E A B B C C
15 E A D E E A A B C C D D
16 A B E A A B B C D D E E
17 B C A B B C C D E E A A
18 C D B C C D D E A A B B
19 D E C D D E E A B B C C
20 E A D E E A A B C C D D
21 A B E A A B B C D D E E
22 B C A B B C C D E E A A
23 C D B C C D D E A A B B
24 D E C D D E E A B B C C
25 E A D E E A A B C C D D
26 A B E A A B B C D D E E
27 B C A B B C C D E E A A
28 C D B C C D D E A A B B
29 D XXX C D D E E A B B C C
29 E XXX D E E A A B C C D D


A Heho (approximately 2-miles from Heho Airport), Taung Toe, Loikaw, Kyone (on the way of Aungban-Pintaya Road)
B Taunggyi, Aungban, Pinlaung, Inle Floating Market
C Pwa Hla, Mine Tauk (on the shore of Inle Lake), Phaungdaw Oo, Kyauk Taing, Taung Ni
D Kalaw, Khaung Daing, Indein, Shwe Nyaung, Phae Khone
E Nyaung Shwe (gateway to Inle Lake), Pintaya (vinicity to Pintaya Cave), Nampan, Hum See (gateway to Kakku)
XXX This month has only 30 days


Full moon day -   green block
Dark moon day -   orange block

Remark - All markets are closed on full moon day, dark moon days and they are held on one days ahead


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