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About Myanmar


Myanmar, known as Suvanna Bhumi (the Golden Earth) in the olden days for its fertile land and rich natural resources is the largest country in the South-east Asia Peninsular sharing borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. It is about the size of Texas and the size of United Kingdom and France combined. The country stretches over 2090 km from north to south and over 925 km east to west. It has a 2832 km long coastline on the Indian Ocean. Over 50 percent of the total land area is covered with forests. Virgin jungles, snow capped mountains and pristine beaches, combine with rich and glorious heritage spanning more than two thousand years.

Facts about Myanmar

Area : 676,577 sq km
Capital : Naypyidaw
Population : 56 million
Language : Myanmar (Office), English
Religion : Buddhism
Currency : Kyat (Ks) = 100 Pyas
Denominations : Ks 1000, Ks 500, Ks 200, Ks 100, Ks 50, Ks 20, Ks 10
Eight Majorities :
  • Kachin
  • Kayah
  • Kayin
  • Chin
  • Bamar
  • Mon
  • Rakhine
  • Shan
  • 135 Minorities
Average Temperature : 32 Degree C in central and lower areas, 21 Degree C in the northern highlands.
Climate : 3 Seasons
Rainy Season (June ~ Oct)
Cool Season (Nov ~ Feb)
Hot Season (March ~ May)
Time : The Myanmar standard time is six and a half hours  in advance of GMT.
Electricity : Domestic power A.C 220-250 V , 50 Hz.

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About Myanmar

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